Client site and server side validation

Validating first on the client side gives immediate feedback to the user. Showing errors as the user works their way through a form.

Server side validation to protect against malicious users. Also not all users have javascript enabled so good from an accessibility perspective.

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  • Guidelines For Link Titles

    * The goal of the link title is to help users predict what will happen if they follow a link.
    * Appropriate information to include in a link title can be:
    o name of the site the link will lead to (if different from the current site)
    o name of the subsite the link will lead to (if staying within the current site but moving to a different part of the site)
    o added details about the kind of information to be found on the destination page and how it relates to the anchor text and to the context of the current page
    o warnings about possible problems at the other end of the link (for example, "user registration required" when linking to The New York Times)
    * Link titles should be less than 80 characters, and should only rarely go above 60 characters. Shorter link titles are better.

  • Calderdale Safeguarding Children Board – Procedure Manuals

Do customers really know what they want?

Sometime customers think they know what they want, but the reality can be very different.

The worst way to design a website is to have five smart people in a room drinking lattes. The longer you leave them in the room the worse the design becomes. The next worst way is to have 15 customers in a room drinking lattes. What people say they do and what they actually do are rarely the same thing.