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User testing approach and the customer buying process

I’ve been working on the testing plan for a large personal finance company.

The aim of testing is to understand customer behaviour during the purchase process and how we can help motivate customers through the journey. The purchase journey can be broken into a number of stages.
Recognition of a problem or a need
Product Search
Product Evaluation
Expectation and use

As part of the customer research I’m using an online survey to gather customer requirements at key stages in the process. A secondary aim is to understand what devices customers are using and how they use devices differently. This should help inform the longer term strategic development of the site.

As well as the online questionnaire I’m running some face to face user testing. This consists of in depth customer interviews which inform the affinity or a behaviour model. [We can then assign features and functionally to ensure that customer needs are support by the product. ]

Usability testing the current web and responsive offer will highlight what is working and what’s not working so well.

Running the two sessions will give good insight into the strategic development of the product whilst also help make immediate improvements to the product.

Include a cancel order button

Whilst purchasing some yoga kit – I struggled so much with the suppliers website  (the payment process was not functioning correctly) that I inadvertently ended up with 3 orders for yoga mats and blocks.  It wasn’t the best of experiences especially as there was no obvious way to cancel the orders and guarantee that the transactions had not gone through. I had to wait till the following morning to call the company, who were very helpful.  A simple delete order button may have eased the experience, saved some time and reassured me that I hadn’t spent a small fortune.

grab of yogamad order page

grab of yogamad order page