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Social Media Networks ICS event Sheffield 5th October

The day was structured around three themes, Possibilities, Problems and Monitoring.

The conversation is out there.
Social Media Networks are important

1) Significant amounts of people are online and signed up to them. They aren’t going away.
2) There is a whole conversation occurring which we need to be aware of.
3) Marketing – people respond better to other people’s opinions than to large faceless corporations.

When things go wrong : Nestles and Palm oil
Nestles Stuart Jones and Lesley Lee discussed the Nestles blunders with SM.

Nestles social media platforms were swarmed by protesters campaigning against the use of Palm oil in its products.
Nestles response was initially defensive which cause the further outrage and the issue when global. Fans of the Kitkat Facebook page grew from 8000 to 96,000 fans in a few days.
The fall out was extreme with the company receiving over 100,000 email complaints and phone lines being jammed.
Resulting in success for the campaigner and Palm oil being dropped from the ingredients but the damage to the brand, and sales has been significant.

Nestles learning’s
1. Monitor popular channels for key words
2. Contact handling staff aware of SM platform
3. Being defensive gets you no ware
4. Have someone that owns social media
5. Joined up approach Nestles is a global organization reaction was at a national level, yet the conversations were global
6. Social media isn’t a fad

Monitoring and listening
Virgin use social media very successful. They deal with 100 customer requests daily. They have a specialised team dealing monitoring and listening to their customers comments.
It has made a significant impact to their Net Promoter Score. They have done this by listening and picking up on people talking about problems and then getting in touch to try and solve them.

Useful products for doing this are: Netvibes, – easy and quick to use to assess what’s being said about your brand.

Five steps to creating successful Social Media Networks
1. Keep it human it is about the conversation
2. People respond to interesting confident people. People look for status in their community.
3. Know your community, find your audience
4. Engage in their community and learn the rules
5. Build a reputation

· Communications team actively engage with twitter and other Social Media Networks.
· We start to generate an awareness of the Social Media Networks within the Contact Centre.
· Key Council individuals who are already active users feed into the Council system.